Thursday, February 17, 2011

More From The Laughing At Technology Series

Last time I was visiting my friend Chan in NYC, he was excited to show me this new way to play Scrabble. Now, we've all been playing Scrabble in electronic form for years, and that's pretty cool, especially if you're by yourself. But this new way, made for the iPad, well, this was gonna revolutionize the sport.

You see, the iPad plays the part of the Scrabble board. And me with my iPod touch (I still do not own a cell phone), and Chan with his, those would be the Scrabble racks. Once we've downloaded the proper app, of course.

So we sat there, each dragging our "tiles" off of our little screens onto the "board" on the big screen. Then we'd drag them from the edge of the board to the board itself in the right order. Sometimes we'd lose the connection. After a series of maneuvers, we'd get it back. But most of the time, we'd sit there trying to fix some electronic issue, just to get the game going again. So we had racks of tiles in our hands, and a board sitting in front of us...but we couldn't play. We couldn't help but laugh at ourselves. There's got to be an easier way!

(At this point the average 18 year old says, "Well yeah, get this special i-something and then i-something it to your i-something...." No! You get a REAL board and REAL tiles and play the damn game!)

I'm not some guy who's afraid of technology, I just wonder a lot whether we're doing this stuff because we need to or even want to, or just because we can. Once again, my motto: "Technology is great...but it's ruining everything!"


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