Monday, February 07, 2011

Have At It, Winners

redsoxfandave has first choice. After he picks, Peter picks from what's left. Then Section 36, then Ryan. Note: Prizes B, C, and D have multiple available.

Prize A: 2 tix to a Sox game.

Prize B: Pac-Men CD. (punk band I used to be in)

Prize C: a bunch of Red Sox baseball cards (will include some 80s cards, and other fun surprises)

Prize D: choice of baseball card magnet (Francona then and now, Rice/Boyd, Owen/Greenwell, Dewey/Hurst)

Thanks to everyone who played and for all the responses to how/when you found my blog.

And don't forget, tomorrow the truck rolls!

2 Red Sox tickets PUH-LEEEZE!!! And thanks, Jere, for the contest and the tickets! Liked your blog it now!! =)
Jere, I'd love those baseball cards. I've always treasured reading your super blog every day and it was great to meet you at the West Hartford library. Your Mom's great,too. Do you need my address? It's available when you go to my blog's profile on the upper lefthand side.
The Francona magnet sounds interesting. I'll take that. Thanks Jere!
I'll go for the Rice/Boyd magnet (if that's how it works)...I've been meaning to get one of those magnets for a while.

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