Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The Hauls of Shame blog continues to do great work exposing that collector/Yankee fan Barry Halper as the fraud that he was.

Wow. Halper's hole gets deeper and deeper.

I hope the Carl Mays Red Sox uniform pants (1915-18) I won in an online auction from Halper's collection are real.

(Before the big Sotheby's auction in 1999, I got to hold the ball signed by the 1918 Red Sox right after they clinched the title at Fenway. I was writing the 1918 book, so it was pretty magical. I attended and wrote about the auction for the now-defunct SportsJones.)
Nice job on that. So the ball was 10 grand, how much did the pants go for?
I told myself I would go 3K on the ball. That went pfft immediately .... The ball was expected to go for $3,000-$5,000.

I think the pants were $175. I was at work at Jones Day, the law firm I worked at in NYC. Probably a Saturday. I think it was like ebay where someone could swoop in at the last second, so I was sweating as the last minute ticked down. I do not remember if I had a higher bid in there to protect me if someone went 180 or something. I was alone and totally freaking out and pacing around the room -- and then I looked back at the computer and realized I won!!

(I did not mention the pants in the SportsJones piece, but I am sure it happened before the Sotheby's auction.)

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