Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Pix

My friend Al Pist's new-ish band with Rich Stremme and some other people you don't know is called M-13. Kim and I saw them at the El N Gee in New London Saturday night. They blew us away.

I was gonna post pics of the other bands but they came out kinda crappy. It was cool to see Refuse Resist do "Still in Massachusetts" live, though.

Some other randomness--a yacht club close to where we live (not that close!) burned down during that last snowstorm. The place had survived a few hurricanes. Now, it's...this:

And as you may or may not know, one of my holy grails as a photographer is capturing anything flying directly in front of the moon. I didn't quite get it, but this shot from today is still pretty cool:

1. Thanks for coming out to New London. It was good to see you guys!

2. I am stealing your pics to put on our Facebook page. Deal with it.

3. The other people in our band are famous music guys, too.

rock on.
1. Our pleasure.

2. Wish I had better pics for ya...

3. Gods, even. But gods unknown by most of my readership..... but what the hell, here are the "credits" for anyone who is curious: M-13: Al. Ken, who recorded the Pac-Men 7", and who WAS Glenn Danzig in Misfits cover band 138. Rich Stremme, who is in the Deacons with Al and who I think did Brian's tattoo. Gerry who was in the recent Pist lineup. And...okay, I never met that other guy but I guess he was also in Brutally Familiar.

Other bands that played: Common Enemy, Refuse Resist, White Bronco, and Sadplant.

Oh and was that Vatican Commandos shirt from back in the day? Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Moby at a table at his own restaurant, and I tried to take a pic of him, but the cam didn't work at first, and he was looking and waiting and waiting? I finally got the shot of an embarrassed-looking him.
Oh and one more key thing! I got some video, will go on a Randomonium episode. Not the next one since it's already pretty much done, so probably the one after that.
Looks like it was a cool show. I like it when there's a bit of room up front, I can get better pictures that way.

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