Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Thing, The Thing!

That thing where the Red Sox come around to each state with vouchers for a ticket pre-sale will be January 18-24. This year they're doing one state per day, so it's much easier to go to multiple venues. It's not all at malls this year, either. Rhode Island's will be at a high school. (On a weekday at 2 p.m.--won't kids still be IN classes? Or at the very least pouring out of there as everyone's trying to get in?)

[Update: Kelly pointed out in comments that it's different this year--the vouchers are good for ONE specified date for each state. No point in going now...Terrible job taking a good idea and making it LESS cool, Red Sox.]

Is it a coincidence that the New England map on the background of that page is cut off right at Fairfield County? No. Why the team isn't fighting for that turf will always be a mystery to me. I get the freakin' YES network and SNY in Providence! Not the games, but the other content--so at the very least they should allow non-game NESN in Fairfield.

Speaking of that, I saw a Toyota ad starring Squire that's region-specific to "New England," yet there's a big hole where CT should be! Obviously, since I grew up there I'm aware that CT is "technically" part of their "Tri-State" region. But don't name your car company or TV network "New England" unless you're gonna include ALL of New England.

Has it been the case in the past that the vouchers are only good for that state's State Day? I don't remember that part. But then, I never get to the events anyway.
No, all vouchers are good for one pre-sale, all games except special games available. (Cubs/Yanks this year.)

The reason to go to multiple spots is to get more than one voucher. (You just need another person wink wink to buy the second order of tix.) In the past they'd be going around to multiple states on the same day, but they kept being late getting places, which is why I think they're now dedicating one day for each state.
That's not what it says this year, though:

"All distributed vouchers, which will be valid for two 2011 regular season tickets for that state's respective State Day game at Fenway Park, must be redeemed online at www.redsox.com during the presale window as specified on the voucher."

The language about all games except Cubs/Yanks refers to the regular onsale.
I read the press release and the Road Trip page and missed that. What a joke. Every other time it was 2 tickets to any game. That was the whole point. I can't believe this.

No need to go now. Now they focus on this National Anthem contest.

They're really effing up this offseason in the "stuff fans do" department. Stay tuned for my post on how they messed up the season ticket renewals....
And they don't even tell you when the state days are. They're usually Sundays, and I like to get Sunday games, but I also have some in my 10th Man already. I don't want to drive all the way to NH or ME and stand in a line all day to find out it's a game I already have. And I don't want a pair, I want 2 different games for my effort.

So much for this event. I won't be going this year. :(

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