Wednesday, January 12, 2011

STH Issue

I got my notice from the Red Sox to renew my 10-game plan in early December. Physical invoice, and an e-mail telling me I could renew online. It being 2011, I decided to do it online. The deadline to renew was January 12th. I waited and waited--not because I'm a Professional Crastinator, which I am--figuring if I was gonna put a huge payment on my credit card, might as well not lump it in with all the money I spent on Xmas gifts. I did however leave a couple of days leeway, just so I felt secure enough that the Internet gnomes had time to run my money through the cables/wires/air to Boston well ahead of the 12th.

So Sunday night, the 9th, I go to make my online payment. Got into the MyTickets section of, and clicked my "To Do" list. I'd actually done this a month earlier just to make sure my plan was listed and ready to be paid for. But this time: "you have no items in your To Do list." Sheeeit. Okay, don't panic. I went back to the My Tickets home page, and saw this lovely message:

"My Tickets is no longer available for 2011 Season Ticket renewals. Payment via check or credit card can still be mailed to the address provided on your invoice. Thank you."

Great. Now I suddenly have two days to get my physical invoice (good thing I saved it) to them. They never said the online method would stop being available BEFORE the 12th. But I want to pay by card, and even though it says I can do this in the above message, there's no space for that on the invoice.

So I write them an e-mail asking what to do. The next day, I bring the invoice to work, waiting to hear from them. Nothing. At lunch, I call the ticket office. Man on other end calms my fears by saying the online thing is just broken--they're trying to get it back up, but it probably won't happen by the 12th. So I can fax or mail my invoice in. And as long as it's postmarked by the 12th, there won't be a problem. I tell him I will mail it in. He says to just write my credit card number on the invoice, and, oh yeah, to NOT SEND IT TO THE ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE. He says that address is for a "Bank of America lockbox." He gives me the address to send it to as if it were a brand new locale: "four...yawkey...way..."

So had I just sent it in without calling, it would have been late AND gone to the wrong place. And they never answered my e-mail. Now I just sit here and hope that I still have my tickets. I kind of feel like they could improve this system.

(I know Matty likes to make fun of me when I complain about having season tickets, so, Matty, as long as I've got ya here, do you know that song "Still in Massachusetts"? We can't get it out of our heads at our house.)

Your post on the convoluted process has me hopeful that I can squeeze myself onto the the list this year (been waiting since September 2004).
Ha, I thought of you--maybe they'll consider mine late and you'll get mine! If somebody does get screwed out of theirs, hopefully it puts you on the list.
Boy, I would have been tempted to find a way to drive the dang invoice right to 4 Yawkey Way myself.
To answer your question, NO, I was not familiar with that song, but now I can't get it out of my head either, and I've only listened to it for the first time (out of the 25 or so I will most likely listen to it today...)

In fact, I would say that song is SO awesome and catchy, that I may even forgive you bitching like an Avril Lavigne about your season tickets! Boo-hoo and all that...I'd have to check my responses from years past for the exact "Get over it Jere, you lucky sonovabitch" verbage...

Hope everything works out with the of these years I'll come up to Rhodey and let you take me to a game...Cokes and veggie dogs on me!

We might go see that band tonight actually.... they're playing with one of Al Pist's bands.
Their website says they're playing in New(Jason)London, CT get to do all the cool stuff. The closest they're getting to here is Durham, NC in February...I may have to roadtrip down there just to sing that danged chorus, and set fire to some Dookies...
Alright. It's been 41 minutes and I've listened to it like 8 times...make it stop!!! I will get NOTHING done today and I will wake up singing this in my sleep 100 years from now. I officially hate you.
The other night my brain was convincing me it had to be an Op Ivy cover or something. Like on the "chu-setts" part--I hear that in my head in the Op Ivy voice.

But besides that, I think the upswing on "hate" is what sets it apart from songs in that vein. (And I love how the drummer is so subdued in the video, like, "Dude, I could writhe all around but it really doesn't require THAT much effort to play drums on this tune so I'm not gonna fake like it does."

Yes, New London. And Al's band is M-13.
The "chu-setts" part does remind me of the way OpIVY says "to-night" as in "going down, going down to-night" in "Unity"...hadn't thought about that till you mentioned it...the song really reminds me of the Hudson Falcons though. And the vocals are ripped straight out of Pressure Point from Sacramento. Very simple stuff, but man, that's the best chorus I've heard in awhile. Will check out M-13, as I do like The Pist...if you go to the show tonight, hit someone really hard for me and scream your lungs out with a fist pump on "Hate! Hate! Hate!"

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