Monday, January 10, 2011

Spinning A Ged

Rich Gedman is officially BACK in the Boston Red Sox organization!!!!!!!

He'll be the hitting coach for the Lowell Spinners. We've also got Chili Davis as Pawtucket's hitting coach. Former Yankees I remember from years ago Andy Fox and Hal Morris also join the Sox.

Hey, did you see the premiere of Bob's Burgers last night? Good stuff! You can't go wrong with that guy who played Ben on Dr. Katz and the gym coach in Home Movies. Same with Kristen Schaal, aka Mel from Flight of the Conchords.

I was about to send you a link to Geddy's return to the Sox, Jere, but I had a sneaky feeling you knew already.

Good to have him back in the family again.
Hah, thanks. I see the Spinners site has it as their lead story too.

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