Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someone Has To Do Something About This

This was gonna be a post about the Red Sox games ESPN and Fox have hijacked for 2011. But I saw something specific that pissed me off, and I have a feeling this will piss others off too. The Cubs haven't played at Fenway since the 1918 World Series. It's one of the last Interleague matchups to happen, and it's one of the most anticipated ones. It will be played on the May weekend of Interleague. So you'd think at least one of those games would be in the daytime.

But no. ESPN stole the Sunday game, so that'll be 8:05. Fox took the Saturday game--which, ironically, usually turns a night game into a day game--and put it at night. (There's that one Saturday they hype up where all their games are at night or whatever--I guess it's always the May Interleague Saturday, I don't remember exactly.)

And though the Red Sox haven't announced start times for non-national TV games, they do list "Night" for Friday's game, which is a normal night game anyway.

So...what are we gonna do here? Do you care? I do. It's bad enough that Fenway day games are limited to one a week (for the most part) already. But after all these years, the Cubs, known for their day games, playing at Fenway for the first time since an era where there was no night baseball, come to Boston on a weekend...and all three games will be played at night. That is billy goat shit.

Lucchino could make the Friday game a daytime affair if he wanted. But the Cubs play in Florida the night before, and I'm sure the Sox are happy with having all three of the biggest games of the regular season at night anyway. It's just really shitty and I hope somebody can do something.

Anyway, about the other national games--we've got a Sunday nighter in the opening series against the Yanks. Fox has that Saturday game, and it's at 1:10. The May 7th Saturday game is also a 1:10 Fox. So has Fox moved their normal Saturday games from late afternoon to early afternoon? No, because we have a Yanks game in August at 4:10. And wait, we have two other Saturday night Fox games in May, I just noticed, so I guess they're doing more of those. We've also got two road ESPN Sunday nighters, one Yanks, one Dr. Drays. There's also a home April Monday night ESPN game, listed as 7:00. Could this mean the Red Sox' weekday night time is gonna be 7:00? More likely they just know the broadcast will start at 7, so they put that in for now, and will change it once they decide on the starting time. I assume it'll still be 7:10 but who knows, maybe they'll go back to 7:05 or try a new thing with 7:15. I just hope a company doesn't buy the starting time, like 7-Eleven with the White Sox.


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