Saturday, January 29, 2011


I got in and got my tickets within about 3 minutes. But I honestly think it was just luck. On the laptop I had a few tabs going, but Firefox kept stalling during pre-game warmups. So I left those few going and went over to Chan's computer (I'm at Chan's house) and started opening a boatload of windows. As I'm doing that, I hear the haunted concerto of Tessies...coming from the laptop! It was like 10:02, 10:03 latest, because I had my confirmation screen at 10:07.

And here's Chan's computer, still with all the little men at the end of the line, in "square one."

And again, all the Tessies played at once. I got through not by window or tab, but by computer (or, my isp address or whatever--by browser most likely, actually). Just lucky.

Hope you had good luck too, and hope you got that Sunday Mariners game, because it seemed QUITE popular! (My next two choices were readily available in the fairly cheapo sections I wanted, though.)

Season Tickets or bust!

Called on Friday, they haven't started moving the list forward because supposedly they haven't gotten all their renewals back yet.

Going to harass them every week until April.
Haven't gotten the renewals! Due to their screw-up! At least that means my renewal, which went in long ago, should be legit. Good luck.
Every year the same crazy race to get tickets, so frustrating for some of us

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