Saturday, January 08, 2011

"Ready For 'The Hair'"?

Here's a clip of us driving on a crazy hairpin turn on Route 2 way out in Western Mass. Yes, the same "2 West" you see as you're trying to get home from Fenway Park and you've gotten completely turned around. (Before you learned how to do it. Not to say that I don't still get lost in Boston sometimes, it's pretty much unavoidable.)

I see I'm not the only one to record this turn--but mine has those awesome ice waterfalls! This video is from a trip Kim & I took to North Adams this week. There's a crazy-ass installation at Mass MoCA--all these dead birds and animals and flowers. There's some other good stuff there now too. Go. The Clark Museum was also pretty fun, it's got stuff you'd normally only see in a big city's museum. Okay, I'm repeating that information from the woman at the front desk at our B&B. But even a Level 2* art person could tell what she meant after going there.

*I've divided people into 4 categories regarding art. Level 4: You went to school for it or you actually are an artist. Level 3: You collect it and can have a conversation about it, and you probably live on the Upper West Side in the type of apartment you see on TV and think, "New York apartments aren't that big! This is so unrealistic!" Level 2: You don't know much about it, but you've been to museums plenty of times and know not to reach out and touch paintings, etc. Level 1: You stopped reading this paragraph when you saw the word "art."

How about Level 2.5: I "collect" it when it's cheap enough, I can barely have a conversation about it, and I live in Somerville. (Love MassMOCA too.)
That's really funny, because I felt like as I wrote it that there's a huge gap between 2s and 3s. I mean, there's no way I'm one away from a 3. So thanks for the coining of the 2.5.
I love MOCA! I saw those crazy dead birds last August. Was the upside-down mystery room still there? We snapped the rare "photo of someone else taking an ironic photo" in front of that thing.
The closest thing to an upside-down mystery room would be this room with wires stretching all the way across it. I feel like that artist had other rooms that we might have missed so maybe that's who you mean? But I think we saw almost everything and I don't remember upside-down-ness.
The upside down house/room is gone. It was replaced by Katharina Grosse with the big piles of painted dirt in the big gallery.

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