Thursday, January 20, 2011

New York Baseball Giants Fans, This One's For You

Did you know the Giants will be bringing their World Series trophy to New York this weekend? Among the stops will be Finnerty's Tavern, which is right next to NYC's #1 Red Sox bar, Professor Thom's. Finnerty's has become a gathering spot for Giants fans, but only recently. Mighty Quinn has mentioned the place on his blog many times, noting that it's run by a Yankee fan. I guess that must be the co-owner along with the guy mentioned in this article. Maybe Quinn can fill us in on specifics....

I just found out about this tonight, Jere. Finnerty's is right next door to Thom's on 2nd Avenue, and I've known Dieter Seelig for many years, and he's a good guy. The bar became a SF bar within the past year, and it's been filled on Sundays with Niner fans and was a mob scene during the World Series. Glad to see Giants fans in the NY area will get to touch the trophy, especially in a bar that was once inhabited by Yankee fans.

A blog post is coming shortly about this.
Sweet, thanks. I like how that whole block is Yankee-haters now...
How awesome is it that there's a Red Sox bar in New York? Very cool. Thanks for the post!
And there have been many of them for many years. No finer Yankee-hating than in NYC....

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