Saturday, January 22, 2011

Manny, Damon Retire To Florida

Guess we might be seeing our old pal and our former pal pretty often in 2011.

We'll get to hear Remy and Don wonder about the injuries Manny will fake to avoid the three Fenway series', while in reality Damon's the one who'll still be trying to hide.

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that apparently Manny's stock has fallen so much that even Scott Boras wasn't able to get him anything better than a $2mm offer, while Damon was still able to get nearly $6mm from the same team. I'm also shocked that Manny was actually willing to sign for that little instead of just retiring or holding out until mid-season when presumably some desperate team would give him more for a half season. Then again, he is almost 39 years old, and was pretty much a singles hitter with a high on-base % by the 2nd half of last year. Anyway, this makes the AL East even more interesting this year. It'll be funny hearing those hypocritical homers Dewayne Staats and Kevin Kennedy having to praise Manny and Damon this season and bash Carl Crawford after years of doing the opposite.

And there's no way Joe Maddon is going to let Damon sit out all or most of the nine games that Tampa plays at Fenway this year. Johnny's gonna have to face the music.
And Staats' daughter is married to Dan Wheeler!

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