Friday, January 14, 2011

Hockey Announcer Says "Rim Job" On The Air

I was flipping channels. I do not watch hockey. But when I saw there were 5 seconds left with a face-off coming up, in a one-goal game, I figured I'd see if the trailing team could pull off the miracle. (Plus, it's funny to hear TC do play-by-play.) They almost scored, but it wasn't to be. TC wraps up the ending, and the other dude comes in and describes the last sequence. They got "exactly what they wanted"...a rim job!

Fortunately, we just got DVR technology. I rewound and captured the line, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Oh, but first I checked the Web to see if maybe "rim job" was also a hockey term. Nope. Not at all. What he was describing was the puck going all the way around the boards. But I think this guy was just waiting all night to sneak the term in. He knowingly says it. It's not a slip-up. And I can only imagine what was going through TC's head....


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