Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

My main advice about the ticket sale: don't forget about the phone option.

As for the other stuff, in the Maypril sale we suddenly were dealing with haunted concertos, and I feel like it's more like Ticketmaster now, where opening multiple windows doesn't do anything for you because it knows you by you're ISP or something. But of course tomorrow will be another chance to research that. The one thing I'll do differently is starting with direct links to games I want, which are easy to figure out now. I didn't have them before the last sale, so all T links went to the calendar page where you'd then have to find your game. Even with the link, though, it still might spit me to that same calendar once I get through. We shall see.... Good luck.

[Update, 5:19 pm: It's already doing just what I thought. They've got the Ts up for the summer games, and they all redirect to the calendar page. However, if you know the direct link to each summer game, those still take you their normal pages. We'll see if this makes a difference tomorrow.

Another new thing is having premium seats for sale right on each game's ticketing page. I noticed some Pavilion Club seats up there for $170--now they've got those, and presumably others if available, for sale below the regular tix. The green box tells you (example).]


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