Friday, January 14, 2011

70s Foto Fun

Lemme know if you can figure out the date of this photograph. One obvious clue narrows it right down to a three-month stretch of a certain season. From there it's a little tougher. I will give you my thoughts after I hear some of yours.

The best I can narrow it to is the 1976 season, as it looks like Cecil Cooper is on the bench and he left after that season, and Don Zimmer is seen in the background leaning against the pole, so he's obviously the manager, and he took over in July 1976.
Good job--I got late '76 from the armbands. Yawkey died July 9th so it's after that.
Is the 5th guy in (sitting to Lynn's left) Carbo? He was traded to Milwaukee on June 3.

(Fuckin Gerbil...............)
Was totally thinkin' that too for awhile, then's Petrocelli.

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