Saturday, December 04, 2010


Report: Yanks tried to get Adrian Gonzalez to play short but Jeter wouldn't budge! In all proverbial seriousness though, in a move that's been pretty obvious for a while now, the Sox, it appears, are getting Adrian for prospects. I'm happy enough getting Dustin and Youk back in the lineup, but with Gonzalez we will be MegaMega.

And with the right field wall supposedly moving in, are we gonna call the new bullpens...Gonzburg? Yeah I know he goes to left a lot anyway--maybe he can teach JD Drew how to do that.

Not a done deal yet; still need to work out a contract extension. Great to get him, although I think I still might have preferred Justin Upton, but I doubt a deal for him could have been worked out. Tough to give up Casey Kelly, since I think he's gonna be a star. Surprised they didn't end up giving up Ellsbury.

Here's JD Drew's 2010 Fenway hit chart:
Sure doesn't look like he needs any help learning how to hit to left.

Theo should have bid a little higher for Rivera. Would have been nice to have a real closer this season.
Drew needs help hitting to ALL fields.
His career .886 ops and 127 ops+, along with his 120 ops+ in his Sox career, would argue otherwise.

I find it ironic (or maybe just amusing) that:
- you hate Drew for bad reasons
- the Boston media hates Drew for the same bad reasons
- and yet, you hate the Boston media for good reasons
His numbers are dropping like stones. Baseball-shaped stones that he isn't catching but is still being called a great defensive player for some reason.

We should do a role-playing thing where you come to the mound from right field as Drew and I'm Papelbon, and I'll be all, "I'll start pitchin' when you start hittin'."
I won't argue that he appears to be in decline. Fortunately he's only under contract for one more year; I wouldn't want him on the team in 2012. But you hated him back in '08 and '09 when he had excellent seasons. Overall, despite all the shots he's taken in the Boston media, his deal was worth it.

As for his fielding, he was decent last season, although not nearly as good as he was in '09.

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