Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yard Sale BS

I love the Fenway Yard Sale. It's for Xmas @ Fenway winners, which I've never won, but they always let losers come the next day to root through the leftover stuff.

This year, all of a sudden, the "Red Sox Insider" is tweeting repeatedly that the yard sale is going on and is "first come, first serve." But he's not specifying if it's for Xmas winners or for everyone. I'm not going to drive an hour to Boston to be told I can't get in. But now I feel like I'm gonna miss it. It ends at 5:00. I look forward to this every year, and they're fucking around. Nothing anywhere--not even on the official notices about the Xmas events--says that the Yard Sale is anything but for winners. Last year I got an e-mail on the Sunday telling me I was allowed to come to it. This year, no e-mail reponse about my Xmas entry at all, no e-mail from the Insider's newsletter, of which I'm signed up for, but then the Insider goes and tweets that it's on right now with no further instructions.

If it turns out today was the only day, and I could have gone, I will be very pissed.

[Update, 3:48: RedSoxDiehard just told me the Yard Sale IS for anyone. Ends at 5. I can't get there now, it's too late. Those fucking assholes. They have a web site. They opted to NOT TELL ANYONE on it. She said they just put it on fucking fuckbook. And then there were the completely non-specific tweets. TERRIBLE JOB, Red Sox organization. The official statement clearly stated that the Yard Sale was something the winners of Xmas @ Fenway could go to. They DID NOT say anyone could go. Facebook has sapped the creativity from a nation, and not only that, corporations with REAL websites treat it like it's the only way they can communicate. I'm moving to Mars.]

It *is* for everyone. I gave it a shot after seeing it on Facebook, thinking the whole time that I was going to get yelled at or turned away, but wasn't. It looked all closed up at Gate E, but the big brown door was left ajar and I went right in.

You can make it. Drive like you're from MA.
I could get there at 4:45 IF there's no traffic. Not gonna happen.

They better extend it to tomorrow. Seriously.
That sucks. I was just getting back myself or I'd have posted it sooner.

It does really suck that they didn't send emails like the last 2 years. And the one FB post I saw didn't give any of the details like how it worked with the grab bags and bricks or even say whether it really was open to everyone or not. I just decided to try, and then when I got there and it looked all closed up at Gate E, I thought I had made a big mistake and contemplated going home to wait for an email... glad I decided to just barge in and ask.

I hope they don't continue it this way next year - they should just have the whole thing open to everyone all day Sunday, how about that - because a lot of years I'm not done with tickets early enough to go.
So were other people talking about it? Was anybody confused? Big crowd? Did it look like there'd be enough stuff to go to Day 2? Was the jersey box there, if so, how full?
How much were the chairs? What was in the giant box of jerseys?
The proliferation of normal institutions using facebook is making both facebook worse, and following things on the internet baffling. I've been on FB since a few weeks after it was invented, and it's gone from being a useful directory of people with updates about their lives, to a swirling mass of ever-changing formats and applications. It's now so much about those things that people barely bother putting in useful stuff about themselves, like where they're working, or where they went to school.

And I'm hardly a cranky old man, but news stories containing phrases like "Sarah Palin tweeted yesterday that..." make my blood boil.

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