Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Ts Are Up

Tickets are ready to be boughtened. 10 AM tomorrow. We've got a slight change, as the Ts on the sked link to another schedule page instead of that day's specific ticket-buying page, but that could just be for now. In the past, though, you could open your windows the night before and just reload in the morning. You can do that with the Sox Pax though. I don't even know if I'm gonna buy a lot of tickets tomorrow, but it's always good practice.

I did not get into Xmas @ Fenway. But for the first time ever, I didn't even get a losing e-mail. Just nothing.

Things to remember: Lately they've been putting September games on sale later on the first day. So keep checking back tomorrow afternoon after you've bought your April/May/Sox Pax stuff to see if they've put Sept. games on sale. I'd almost go so far as to say I guarantee they'll do that again this year.

The Yard Sale also has been accessible to non-Xmas winners. On Sunday they will probably open it up to anybody who entered. (Or maybe just a lucky group of select non-winners.) So watch your e-mail Sunday and be prepared to get to Fenway.

The Crawford press conference will be happening at Fenway tomorrow, too. Ian Browne's article about the P.C. doesn't even mention that Xmas @ Fenway will be going on right there, at the same time! I gotta figure the front office types and maybe Crawford himself will be on hand for X@F--but not till 11:00 or later since they have work to do.

Good luck Saturday morning, everybody. Feel free to comment with your tickets wins/losses, and definitely let me know how X@F was if you were lucky enough to be there. And Remember to leave Coke and cookies out for the Ticket Fairy tonight.


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