Saturday, December 11, 2010


Finally got through and got some $12 games. Could have had the opening day pack but I can't be spending all this crazy money on top of what I'm spending for my 10-game plan to get opening day plus three more games, especially considering I'm not a big opening day guy--I've already got another game in the opening series anyway.

The weird thing with this new VWR is that it seems to go by ISP instead of window-by-window/tab-by-tab. Because once I got through, I got through on all my windows at once. And since they play Tessie each time you get through, it created a staggered, deranged concerto of Tessies. I wish I'd recorded that collage of sounds. So this could mean it's no different opening one window than it is opening hundreds. If that's the case, we'll have to get crackin' on some crackin'.

I was able to view the source of the VWR page--was cool to see some of the notes in there, listed as "Alan's quick mod." None of it helped me get through any faster, though.

In the meantime, what happened to my Firefox? I ended up force quitting the "updater" that was trying to open, and now I can't open Firefox at all.

God, I hate Tessie. Can't imagine a whole symphony of it.
This is just the piano part--sounded like 1000 monkeys playing 1000 pianos at once and finally coming up with something.

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