Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Right Field Box Mania!

I don't know why I didn't notice this until now. There seems to be a section on the redsox.com individual game ticketing pages called "Upper Right Field Box." It corresponds with the big pink section of the seating map we've known for years as "Right Field Box." However, look closely at that pink section and you'll see it's a little different. Divided into seats along the field, and seats not along the field. These seats not along the field are now "upper" right field box. If you click on the map in the "lower" right field box, you'll see tix aren't available for it. You'll also notice the section numbers have changed. Remember how right by the Pesky Pole, you had these weird box names like 1AA? They've stripped all that out, started with 1 next to the bullpen, going in order right through 8, hooking up with existing Field Box 9 at Canvas Alley. The "upper" boxes keep their numbers, they just don't extend all the way down to the field anymore. Box 86 is 86'd, though--take a look at an old seating map and the new seating map to see what I mean.

Then it hit me--could this all be leading up to a few new rows going all around the right field corner? That's what was rumored to happen with the bullpens being enlarged. It all makes sense. I still don't know if this will happen in 2011, but if and when it does, the sections and boxes have been re-labeled in preparation.

Note: The main ticketing page (the one linked above with the map) still doesn't even mention "upper right field box"--you have to go to an individual game's page to see it. It's also weird that it's still all pink, no new color has been added. (I also never mentioned how the outer few sections of Infield Grandstand and Loge got a slightly different color as those are the ones whose prices didn't go up a few bucks.)

Also the re-do of all the seats in that area has allowed them to extend the walkway. Look at the old 92 and 93--you had to walk along a row to get through those sections, right by where the wheelchair spaces are. Now you can walk all the way from Canvas Alley to the bullpen on one cross-aisle. Nice job there. (Below the aisle is lower RF box and above will be upper.)
Good catch! I always liked how 86 was kind of in between 87 and 89. And I remember teasing my brother one year ('01?) when they used to discount April weeknight games and he bought seats in Section 1AA for $15: "Are you sure it's for Fenway? It sounds made-up!" We were in row E for that game - which turned out to be the 6th row, because there was a row A1 in front of row A. I always wanted to sit in row A1 of Section 1AA (except for it basically being in a crappy spot).

Last year they took that extra-wide seat in the first row of Sec. 28 and made it a regular-sized seat. What's next - turning the seats in sec. 5-8 to face the infield?

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