Thursday, December 02, 2010

Pax Man Fever

It's time for the annual "Fun With Sox Pax Names" post!

This year it's very straightforward. But I'm still generally disappointed in their naming system. Each pack has four games, and each one has a "highlighted" team. This year, those teams are the Yanks, the Padres, and the Brewers. The Padres packs are the Padre and the Friar. The Brewers packs are the Bernie Brewer and the Brew Crew. The Yanks packs are the Bomber, the Babe, and the Bambino. Uh...Babe Ruth was a Red Sox star who brought us World Series titles in years with completely un-cringeworthy names such as 1918 and 1916. Okay, fine, go with Babe, whatever, but I still say Red Sox fans aren't comfortable buying things with cutesy Yank-ified names. Okay, maybe no one cares about any of this. But I'm still wondering why the highlighted team gets the whole back named after it. I think I'd rather see creative and dumb over thoughtless and dumb. Oh and you can also get the "Sunday Best," "Saturday Special," or "TGIF," which actually include ALL FOUR games for whichever day you get, which they haven't always done, or the "Patriot's Day," which has Pats Day, a Yanks game, and two others. Then there's the coveted "Opening Day" pack, which is your best chance to get to OD. (Also note that the highlighted team games will also be the only non-April/May/September ones.)

Re Babe: don't forget 1915. He had only 1 AB in the WS, but had a good year on the hill as a 20-year-old rookie (18-8, 2.44 ERA, 114 ERA+, 2nd lowest H/9).
First year I won't buy a pack. I've been on the waitlist since September 2004, I'm hoping that this is the year I get bumped into 10 game plan status. From the sounds of 98.5 and WEEI callers, I might have a good chance.

And the "Bernie Brewer" pack? Come on! That needs a better name. The Selig Special? The Don Money Pack?

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