Saturday, December 11, 2010

Leapin' Larry

While in the new and, so far, crappy VWR, I'm watching the Carl Crawford press conference. Carl has lost his voice. I can't help but think of the time when Seinfeld's leg fell asleep, making it appear as if he's mocking Leapin Larry's limp. Because of that guy! The guy with the scratchy voice at Fenway press conferences! And he actually asked a question, at which point Carl answered it in the same voice! Good this be a practical joke on that guy? Maybe all the media people have been trying to get a new player to do a whole presser in a scratchy voice, and they finally got someone to do it!

Anyway.....this VWR is weird. Telling me I'm really far from the front of the line. It's supposed to notify me audibly when I break through. We'll see....

In and out in 40 minutes. Opening day pax x2 and 8 single game tickets.
So I was close to the end of the line, and then it just sent me backwards again. Very weird.
Very nice job.

My Firefox was absolutely dying so at 9:57 I made the decision to abort and use Safari. I feel like that cost me, but not too worried about it.
Jeff: That is weird.

I did some url tinkering and got to some Twins ticket room--but it played Tessie! So I'm guessing that's the audio notification.
Absolutely the fastest ever for me. Usually I'm sitting around all day.
I've had all-days, I've had first-minute-of-sale days. But lately I've been much closer to the latter.
The Yard Sale is open to everyone until 5 today, so if you've got your tickets already, head in there. Enter at Gate E. They never sent an email like they did last year, just an update on Facebook.

I got the nameplate off Ino Guerrero's locker! :)
Well now I am pissed. Can't get there by 5 now.

Hopefully they do it tomorrow too. I can't believe this.

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