Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Please add 1 million more individual ha's to that, if you want to relive my reaction to the Yankees NOT getting Cliff Lee. I love when people are so sure of something that they just sit there rubbing their hands together with a smile on their faces, only to have that thing not come true. But it's a bonus of epic proportions when those people are the Yankees and their "the Red Sox never can get it done like the Yankees always do always always always you haven't won since 1918 even though you have"-sayin' fans, and that thing is getting Cliff Lee.

Great job, Cliff Lee. You went where you wanted to go. It never made much sense to me when people would say he'd go to the Yanks to have a chance to be a "winner," when his team BEAT the Yanks to end their most recent season.

And as for the money--okay, can I just say something? Don't answer that. I like to think of myself as the type of person to whom money is not the most important thing. There are plenty of things I wouldn't do no matter how much money you gave me. One of those things--albeit not one with any kind of impending offer--would be working/playing for the New York Yankees. If I suddenly became an All-Star caliber baseball player, and the Yankees offered me a million dollars, I wouldn't do it. Yet every time there's a free agent out there, people say with complete certainty that that player will gladly become a Yankee "once the money is on the table" AND that I, Jere, would too. Well, I wouldn't. And Cliff Lee didn't! And I'm super-psyched about that.


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