Thursday, December 09, 2010


All times of games for 2011 are still TBA, but interestingly, the Red Sox have listed "Day" or "Night" below all weekday home games. So now we at least know when they'll do getaway day games. I'll make it even easier for you--here's the list of weekday afternoon games at Fenway in 2011:

Monday, 4/18 vs Toronto (morning game for Patriots Day)
Thursday, 5/5 vs Angels (getaway day for the Angels)
Wednesday, 6/1 vs White Sox (both teams have next day off anyway)
Wednesday, 6/22 vs SD (both teams have next day off anyway)
Monday, 7/4 vs Toronto (battle of the countries on USA's Independence Day)
Thursday, 7/28 vs KC (getaway day for both, though neither going that far)
Wednesday, 8/17 vs TB (getaway day for us)
Wednesday, 9/14 vs Toronto (mid-series daytime fun!)

Seems like these aren't really for getaway purposes, more like Larry giving us more weekday afternoon games because of that one year when we "asked for them." So that's cool. With Saturday's and sometimes Sunday's games being night these days, we need to get back the sunshine games where we can.

Some teams have times up on their skeds. Here are the road weekday afternoon games that are currently listed. (All of this crap is SUBJ to CHAN.)

Wed 4/20 @ Oak
Thur 5/26 @ Det
Thur 6/30 @ Phil
Wed 7/20 @ Bal
Mon 9/5 @ Tor


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