Friday, December 24, 2010

Abby's Off, Man

With all the players Boston fans have showered their love upon, with all the guys who adopted Boston as a second home and their fans as a second family....we get this piece of shit article, that tells everyone that Boston hates outsiders and is racist*, its players hate the fans, and on and on.

So, "journalist" Abby Goodnough, I'm scoring your article an error. Hopefully this E makes you GoodEnough!

*yes, Boston is racist, as is every other city, town, and Internet in the world

a)I thought you were boycotting the media?

b)The shame is that she could have written a great article about Shaq's adventures in Boston, but had to go and ruin it by mentioning a bunch of irrelevant ancient history. And what Manny and Tom Brady have to do with Shaq is also a mystery. Too bad that article doesn't include comments.
I am not boycotting the media--just the Boston sports media. Also, it's more of a life change than a boycott. I'm just done with the Boston sports radio stations and the Globe and a lot of the shittier, rumor-ish blogs.
I probably wasn't the only one to write Ms. (not)Goodnough about her wanderings into fiction in an article I looked forward to reading. It's too bad she missed the point so terribly.
Glad you wrote! I'm wondering if my mom wrote a letter to the editor on that one...she usually does.

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