Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Got one of the year's major award envelopes yesterday, the one that tells me which 10 games I'll get in my 10th Human Plan. Three Orioles games??? Come on. Anyway, it's funny, I don't really need the plan anymore since I can get Yanks, playoffs, any tickets I want just by paying attention and buying them from the team, always face value. But it's good to keep the connection going, be an official--albeit on the lowest rung--season ticket holder. This will be Year VIII for me with the 10-gamer, as I was a charter member in '04, paying a mere 18 bucks a ticket then, now up to 28.

Am hearing Francessa talking about the Mets basically handing Beltran over to us. They might as well. He's one of those dudes that's either gonna continue to stagnate where he is, or thrice somewhere else. We've been there....


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