Thursday, November 04, 2010

What The Camera Missed

It's been a while since I didn't take a camera to a sporting event. But I didn't tonight, at the Celts-Bucks game. Crazy night up at the top of the balcony. First there was a big fight with dudes throwing blows and tumbling 10 rows down the aisle. Then there were two sets of girls making out with each other--one just once in a failed attempt to get on the jumbotron (the chance of getting on there seems to be the main reason 75 percent of fans go to these games), and the other basically all night, in all different areas, letting people around them take their picture. Talk about a attention-wanting phase. We decided this whole section was a high school group or something, as they all seemed to know each other and moved around freely, kissing and fighting and dancing on the jumbotron.

In the second half, the little girl in the family of six next to us fell asleep. She sat in her seat in her purple dress, arms at her side the way you'd sit a doll in a chair, dead asleep, through the rest of the loud game, which went to overtime. At one point the mom was taking pictures of the girl, while Kim and I sat next to her, eyes closed, in the same pose.

Toward the end, with the Celts down by a few, I asked Kim if we'd ever seen them lose. She said she didn't think so. They came back and then won in OT, despite blowing a late lead in the final minute. We got to see Paul Pierce score his 20,000th point, too.

High school girls making out for hours and you left your camera at home for the first time in probably years?

I nominate this fiasco to be published in the latest edition of the dictionary as the main definition of "terrible job".
Haha.If I had the camera, none of this would have happened.

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