Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Victor To Detroit?

Looks like Victor Martinez may be signing with the Tigers. If it is the case that Victor's gone, he gave us some above-his-norm numbers in that year and a half and we couldn't have asked for more than that. And now he's getting toward mid-30s and can't give you too much behind the plate any more so.... we'll see if this rumor is truth first.

Multiple media reports all agree but I'll wait for something official. I hope Theo will spend the moolah on a first baseman (AG?).
Have to see if Beltre stays first. If not, has to be a trade for Adrian.
I suspect Beltre is gone as well. If they're gonna unload the farm in order to do a big deal, I'd much rather it be for the young, cost-controlled Justin Upton than for one year of Adrian Gonzalez. Fills a big need long term, and avoids the need to move Youks yet again across the diamond. Let Lowrie play third, and if they don't want to play Scutaro everyday at SS, they can make a huge one year offer to...Derek Jeter. Word is the Yanks are pissing him off by trying to play contract hardball.

Yeah, I'm just kidding about the Jeter stuff. But, as long as the Yanks are trying to squeeze their stars this winter, I'd love it if Theo made a big offer to Rivera.

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