Sunday, November 07, 2010


Are you like most Americans? Do you like old Metallica but hate everything they've done since the black album (or for people roughly 37 or over, since And Justice For All)? Then go see this band Misstallica. They're an all-female Metallica cover band. And they kick Metallica's ass in every battle, except, of course, songwriting, but only because they didn't enter that contest.

We saw them in Cranston tonight, at this place that had the decor of a casino, and the clientele of...Cranston. They were a three-piece, which means the singer was doing the Hetfield guitar and the Hammett guitar. On top of that awesomeness, she also sings like Hetfield. If you're a female singer trying to sing like a dude who sings in a really high voice, it's that much easier for you. But for this girl to sing like Hetfield, all while effortlessly dominating the solos and shit--that was seriously impressive. And she was having fun too. And the drummer was machine-gunning it up all night. Go see them. Again, it was all old Metallica, like, the four albums that even non-music fans recognize as "the cool ones."

Hey, it's 2 a.m., time to set the clocks back. I'm gonna set this to post at 2:01 and we'll see if it shows up at 1:01. Meaning the second 1:01. Ready?

2:01 it is. Have a great Sunday, the day before Monday.

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