Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Omaha Storm-Chasers

Sometimes people just think too hard.

Reading dirty water right now, great book. Was wondering your thoughts on this off season and how Theo's conservative low risk mind set is going to play out. He is starting to get on my nerves. We are a premiere team, and have the resources to improve our team a lot. Truth is Theo got lucky with a lot of low risk players so far and our 2 rings in 04 07 were largely in part to Manny, whoes a product of former GM Danny D. I think its time to step up and spend some money.... Thoughts?
Glad you're diggin' the book!

I think we're gonna get Adrian Gonzalez to play first, Youk to third. If not this year, next. But I do like how we're keeping a lot of these prospects, because overspending on a bunch of superstars doesn't automatically make you win as the Yanks have shown (expect for the year they went off the deep end).
Yea I agree. I love A Gon.. 40 hr 300 avg hitter in a huge stadium in san diego in a sub par lineup.. great defense and still young, goes opposite field a lot so the monster could prove to increase his game.. We will see if we bring back beltre that means no A Gon.. but i dont think we are going to..I definitely want victor martinez back as the catcher market is weak after him
Beltre wants five years. The Sox won't go that high but the art of negotiation will come into play. VMart, too. I hope. Jere, as for the Stormchasers, I like it. When you live there you always have an eye to the sky. I do, too.
Yes, I lived in Lincoln. But come on, would you want the Red Sox to just change their name--to...the "Construction Zones" or the "Road Ragers"?

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