Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Husker Power/Go Big Red

Saw Bob Mould tonight at the Met Cafe in Pawtucket. (The place still has "new club smell" but I think it's gonna be fine--sound is good, lots of room and plenty of chairs and tables for the wait between bands or during opening acts.) Mould did stuff from Husker Du, Sugar, and the solo albums. It was amazing to be five feet from him, and watch him plug in his electric and produce the Bob Mould signature sound before your eyes. It's kind of like catching Juan Marichal. I use him because I guess Bob became a Giants fan when he moved to San Fran. (Though he's also "still a Yankee fan," which we shall not speak of.)

Now I'm watching the replay of the first Conan episode (they show it at 11 and 1). I like the feel of it. In my eyes, TBS has failed pretty miserably in the "very funny" era--but it's not that hard to just give Conan the rock and let him run with it. He seems comfortable, and Andy's getting a lot of air time and is allowed to speak up whenever, the way it ought to be. I just get the feeling like they're just free-stylin' and they have no worries about going overboard or anything. A guy like Conan needs to be free to ride his machine without being hassled by the man.

Okay, here's a shot of Bob from tonight. The vids came out fine, but not much I can do with the photos. In real life, he has a face....

I saw Husker Du perform at Toad's Place in New Haven back on October 18, 1987; really great show. I'm guessing at that date, what I remember was that it was a Sunday night, and before they came out I watched the Twinkies/Cards World Series at the Metrodome in the lounge area (fortunately for the Twinkies, they didn't have to play the Yanks in the ALCS that year to get to the WS). I remember thinking it was kinda cool to be seeing a Minneapolis band the night of a Minneapolis Series.

And meanwhile, my future wife was a Yale undergrad who was probably studying away in her dorm room a couple blocks from Toad's while I was catching the show. Yes, I'm old.
I was just starting 7th grade. And listening to...whatever was on the radio.
A Yankees fan? WTF?

I saw them at The Living Room in Providence in early May 1985. Also saw them in 1987, at the Ritz in NYC. But it was in March, when they were playing the entire Warehouse album (I was disappointed).
Yeah this article from a few days ago says the thing about him being a Giants fan--he told the crowd in NYC this to some smattered boos, and then he said "Hey at least we took care of the Rangers for you." But then it says he said this to "Yankee fans, of which he still considers himself one." I had never heard this before. I would love it if that writer just heard it wrong.

(I think I mixed up "scattered" with "smattering of", ha)
If you come down to DC this weekend, you can catch Bob Mould again- as a DJ at the 9:30 club for "Blowoff," aka Bob Mould's Big Gay Dance Party!!! You haven't heard anything till you've heard the remixed mash-up of "She Floated Away" into "Dancing Queen"!!!

Never got to see Husker Du, but Sugar at Hammerjack''s in Baltimore in 1994 is still the loudest show I've ever seen...
Saw Sugar in '94 also, in NYC. Ear-meltingly loud only begins to describe that show.

remixed mash-up of "She Floated Away" into "Dancing Queen"!!!

I'd take an mp3 of that.

I liked some of Body of Song, but have not listened to his last two (only 2?) albums.
The only other time I saw him was in that dance era, in Northampton in like 2002. Was still really energetic and good.

But yeah haven't heard much of his solo work since then--I liked Last Dog & Pony show a lot. I was hoping he'd play Moving Trucks but no go.
That is a GREAT album, although WTF is going on with the mega-mega tune -- just slightly out of place.....
Ha, I forgot all about MEGA-MEGA, MEGA-MEGA.... after a while I just stopped listening that far into the album....
Reflecting Pool comes after MEGA-MEGA. Well worth hearing. (I thought Sweet Serene did, also, but it comes before.)

We lost our copy of that CD. I wonder if we left it in a rental car or something.
It's been a while since my days of listening to the cd, since I just took a few tracks and put them in my itunes....but I'm wondering if I always just would hear MEGA MEGA and ASSUME its weirdness signified "last track"! Nah..I had to have gotten past it at least once. Now looking at the listing I see there were indeed TWO songs after it.

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