Monday, November 01, 2010

Good Afternoon, Everybody. How Are You Today?

The answer, for Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, is a resounding "fine." Congrats to Mad Dog, one of the finest Yankee-haters there is, on his team finally winning it all. And congrats to all the older types who have liked the Giants since they were in New York and who therefore hate the Yanks, too. And to all Giants fans and players, except....

...that douche Edgar, for being a World Series star, then coming to my team and forgetting how to play baseball, then being a World Series star again. Terrible job, Edgar, terrible job. You're truly a National Leaguer--the "warning track power" of...leagues.

But yeah, congrats to all non-Edgar Giants and fans, and the tolerant city of San Francisco.

Wahoo! The City of San Francisco is going nuts. Parade on Wednesday.
I'm with you on Rent-a-center. That guy's terrified countenance, and inexplicable ability to perform in the clutch for other teams does not endear him to me.
You're right, Chris must have gone nuts last night! I still hear him often on his Sirius show.
Very happy to see the Giants win, although I would have preferred that they get it done in Game 6 in SF. I'm sure their fans are very happy with how it played out though. Guys like Posey, Lincecum, Sanchez and Bumgarner sure got a really early taste of success. And it's a real shame that Mad Dog is stuck in satellite radio Siberia instead of still on The Fan with Francessa...that would have made for excellent radio today.

I don't get the Edgar bashing. Yeah, he was lousy in his one season in Boston, but he was playing hurt for most of that year. He never should have been signed to begin with, but so what? Half of the blame for that, just like with the Lackey signing, goes to the front office. The Sox won the Series before he came, and once again after he left, so that just strikes me as misplaced resentment. He seems like a decent enough guy, and besides, he played a small but important role in the '04 Series win.

He actually had quite the interesting, bi-polar World Series career: Series winning/ending hit in '97, final out in '04, and then Series winning hit in '10 in the final AB of his career. Really can't top that in terms of hitting the highs and the lows.
Fatso opened his WFAN broadcast today by congratulating Mad Dog, and said he was invited to open his show today, but whoever runs his show on whatever god-forsaken radio station he works at said no.

That's a shame, as I would love to have seen Chris give it to the Pope.
And if I were a different kind of man I would have rooted for a Giants-Yanks World Series for the Mike vs. Mad Dog action.

I have sat. radio but after my free trial ended I opted to get rid of basically everything but music, but Brian has it and has kept me updated on what Russo's been saying.

As for Edgar, I just hate that he was that bad for that much $, and that he blamed the Fenway infield, and that he was just sooo offended that we wanted to love him. He had his moments, but only like 3.
Renteria only made $8mm in his one year with the Sox. A lot of money in an absolute sense, but in baseball terms for a veteran free agent, that's not really all that extravagant.

The complaints about the infield though were kinda obnoxious. But again, in the big picture, he wasn't the reason the Sox didn't win in '05, so he's really just a very minor footnote in Sox history.
We signed him for 40 million--how often do you have to trade a guy you sign for that much after only 1 season? (Hey...that gives me an idea about Lackey and Cliff Lee...)
You still haven't sold me on his 'douche' worthiness. $40mm is a ton of money in real life, but in the world of baseball contracts, it's not that much...hell, the Sox gave Lugo more money than that to suck even more than Renteria did. In the annals of bad free-agent deals, Renteria's Sox contract doesn't even merit a footnote.

Frankly, it annoys me far more that Papelbon got paid over $9mm this year to lead the league in blown saves, and because the arbitration process in baseball is so completely fucked up, he's gonna get a decent sized raise this year instead of the massive pay cut he deserves.

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