Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"As much as we want to keep everybody, we've already made these guys very, very rich, and I don't feel we owe anybody anything monetarily. Some of these players are wealthier than their bosses." -- Hank Steinbrenner

I read that in this article, and thought, Oh, this is the Onion or Bleacher Report or something. Turns out it's a real quote! This Yankees-Jeter BS is getting comical.

The really interesting part is that it appears the Yankees and the rest of the sane world have something in common. We know that cheering from the top step or having a pretty face doesn't make you a good baseball player. Still, I figured they'd just give the guy whatever he wants just to avoid backlash and because they can. Instead, they're all, "An old, crappy player wants all this money? He's already rich! We'd rather win!"

I win either way. Jeter on the Royals is hilarious. Jeter on the Yanks means they're not as good as they could be. Just keep all this shit comin'.

Hey Jere. I've had almost daily updates about this over at my place. As I said in the latest post, this is like a soap opera with cleats.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and be safe out there, especially on the roads. So many people out there don't know how to drive safely. Beware.
Jere, you are clearly no student of history.

Babe Ruth, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Bernie Williams. All chewed up and spit out by the big pinstriped machine.

I love that the press, which cultivated the imasge of Jeter as the reason for the postseason, now wonders why the Yankees don't think he can walk on water.
It's just funny how everyone says "Jeter could never play for another team, they wouldn't let that happen" until there's an ounce of uncertainty and then all of a sudden it's "come on, he doesn't mean that much to this team."

But I have to admit that after all these years, in the Jeterfication of America, I was sure the Yanks were just as brainwashed as everyone else. With all due respect to those Hall of Famers, they can't walk on water and turn said water into wine like the deity Jeter can.

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