Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fired Joe Morgan

Cyn, on ESPN's canning of Joe Morgan:

"I will always marvel at how he could tell you a story about his career that didn’t happen as if there were no way to ever check on it."

Jon Miller's also out. Even though I appreciate Miller for his old Red Sox days and for his work on the Baltimore station when it would overpower WTIC*, I'll be glad to hear anybody other than him and Morgan on that Sunday night broadcast in 2011. Whoever it is can't be any worse.

*Picture it: It's 1988, I'm sitting on the floor of my room in Connecticut at age twelve, 50 miles from WTIC 1080 in Hartford, and Ken Coleman and Joe Castiglione are talking about Ellis Burks when their voices slowly drift away as my mind wanders, and when I focus my thoughts on the little black radio again, I hear a deep voice going, "Orsulak...stepping in...hitting at .275...." It's Jon Miller on 1090 WBAL Baltimore, suddenly coming in crystal clear, having edged 1080 out of its way. Time to do some fine tuning....literal, not metaphorical.

As an adult in 2010, I can appreciate that Jon Miller is very talented and very knowledgeable, but he had the misfortune of joining the Sox' radio booth in 1980, when they were going into their post-'70's decline. As a result, I never liked him, because back then it always seemed like he was doing some kind of shtick (impressions and British accents, among other things if I recall) during the games in part to cover up the fact the the Sox weren't very good. I didn't want to hear him be funny or whatever he believed passed for entertainment, I was a teen-aged kid who just wanted to hear the Sox win ballgames.

And yeah, Joe Morgan has always been an insufferable tool in the broadcast booth. Ironic that he was a great ballplayer in part because of his tremendous ability to get on base, and yet as an announcer he never seemed to have the slightest clue as to what was valuable on the field and what wasn't.
No matter how much you fine tuned, it'd hold for ten minutes or so, and then somehow Miller would creep his way back in talking about Bob Milacki or Mickey Tettleton.
And then you'd fine tune even more, and discover you're getting 3WE 1100 out of Cleveland!

The only time you could beat the system was when the Sox were playing the Orioles.
Jere, you had a "signal skip" that day way back when. It only happens with AM stations. Oh, I think Jon Miller is the voice of baseball.
Not just that day. Every day.
Vin Scully is the voice of baseball. Why are we even debating this? ;-)

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