Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay, "police", you know we've never been best of friends, and I've criticized your tactics for years, but I have to say, I tip my cap to you on this--basically, Rhode Island State Police sent out a fake "invitation-only casting call" to their list of the 1,000 most wanted. When the moron criminals showed up at the arena in Providence, thinking they were going to be in a movie, they were arrested.

The shit-eating grin on the cop talking in the video is hilarious. Can you imagine the look on these crooks' faces when they got in there?

But like with Borat or the Jerky Boys, once the scam goes public, it becomes much harder to pull off again. I mean, they got 15 out of a thousand, and now that avenue is tapped out, although the guy said they wanted to try it again. Time to get creative, guys.

One thing I noticed was the high percentage of females who were caught with this technique. Almost half. And I bet you dollars to DOUGHNUTS that the ratio of females to males on the most wanted list is nowhere near that. I never really thought of "wanting to be in the movies" as a gender-specific dream, but maybe this proves that women are more likely to want that. So maybe for the next one, they should say it's an open tryout for the Providence Bruins or something. Or better yet, you want to get all 1,000 in there, just tell 'em you've got free lottery tickets!

This was actually a plot device in a movie. Sea of Love with Al Pacino and John Goodman as cops opened with them running a sting advertised as an event for fans to meet Yankee legends. Pacino pretended to be Phil Rizzuto, and kept saying "Ho-ly Cow!". And cops do stuff like this all the time to flush out criminals. For example:
Ha, two examples of my "sports"-themed stings! I guess they're way ahead of me on that one.

Sea of Love was on recently and I was only half paying attention but I think I was seeing part of that scene. I remember looking at a Yanks hat or jacket and thinking how new and fake it looked. Or something.
Ow! My boating arm!
oh right....

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