Friday, November 19, 2010

Cardinal Connor. Where's The O?

I finally pulled* a Strasburg. It was from a pack of Topps Update. But the card right before it (coincidence?) was a variation of the same card, which instead of Strasburg shows Bob Gibson. But the weird thing is, on the back it has "St. Luis Cardinals" in that Cardinals' script font. Yes, L-U-I-S. None of the nerds online have mentioned anything about this mistake. Of course I'm hoping it gets corrected so I'll have the super-awesome error version, but even if it doesn't, terrible job on that one. (Unless they used to spell St. Louis like this at some point, like the way Pittsburgh used to not have the H. But I Googled it the Luis way and I'm not seeing any indication of that. Also, it was pretty cool to be gawking at this Gibson card, then noticing the mistake, then finally turning my attention to the next card to see...Strasburg. And then much later realizing that the two cards had the same number meaning Gibson was a variation of Strasburg.)

*Remember when you used to just say "got"? "Get any Red Sox in that pack?" "Yup, I got a Jim Rice. Oh and a Marc Sullivan."


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