Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can I Post This Without Gene's Permission?

While doing a news search, I noticed an entry from The Village Voice. Having never seen the Voice on a news search before (maybe they just added the archives, maybe it's a coincidence that it took this long for me to notice it), my mind went right to a very specific place: that ad that Paul Stanley put in there that Ace Frehley responded to, which led to the formation of KISS.

So I looked up the dates of when that happened, and then went to the newfound Voice archives, and searched its classified section for those dates. I was curious as to what the ad really said--if it matched the story we've all heard.

And it did! Word for word. Paul's number is always left out when people write out the ad copy (except in ONE instance on a message board), so now I have that info. Though I'm pretty sure he hasn't retained that number from 1972 anyway.

But I also get to see a scan of the actual ads. And so do you. If this doesn't exist online already, you're welcome, KISS Army. (Paul's ad is LEAD GUITARIST WANTED. Duh.)

There it is, right below Dr. Max's Rehearsal Studio, and right above the Tragedy of Abortion (December 7th, right) or the Theatre of Madness* (December 14th, left).

*This dude explains Theatre of Madness.


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