Monday, November 22, 2010

The Book Of Unncessary Quotation Marks

Of all the ideas I have that I don't do anything with only to see someone else bring to the public....this one I reeeeally should have moved on. I think it's hilarious when people put things in quotes for no reason, from grandma putting "happy birthday" in quotes on a card to your friend putting the year in quotes when signing your yearbook. I got to flip through this book and there are some hilarious examples in there.

(And yes I know this blog belongs in the unnecessary capital letters category, since I capitalize even the prepositions and articles in my post titles--I do that for tradition's sake...and also so I never have to make a decision on ones that are four or more letters long.)

This book "looks great!" I might add it to my "wish list".
Companion to the unnecessary apostrophe?

I like to 'economize'.

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