Thursday, November 04, 2010

11 Has Been And Will Be Waiting

In case you didn't hear, David Ortiz will be back with the Red Sox in 2011.

In case you didn't hear the backstory, I'll fill you in: The Boston sports media is a big pile of horse shit. For some reason, after all-time Red Sox superstar David Ortiz had two bad months in early 2009 after coming off an injury, they decided it would be fun to brainwash all of society into thinking his career must be "over," as if someone that good could just suddenly completely lose the ability to hit a baseball. Within minutes, your casual fan co-workers were telling you that David Ortiz was finished!* Papi ended up having a great last few months, proving the media had made a huge yet ratings-getting blunder. But the next season, a mere 30 days of Ortiz hitting at sub-par levels led the brainwash fest back into the limelight, almost as if they'd forgotten how it had been thwarted the year before. At this point, around May 2010, I was still listening to Boston sports talk, and can specifically remember Gary Tanguay saying with the utmost Jon Sterling-level pompous certainty, that we all know that this is David Ortiz' final year with the Red Sox. That piece of turd wasn't alone. And in fact, even when the media realized Papi's career wasn't over and would admit it, they'd still tell me daily that "no one could have predicted this." My favorite was when Orsillo or TC or Remy would say it, because they work for NESN. And before 2010 started, I was asked, along with some other bloggers, some questions for a NESN article. My answer to who would have the biggest offensive year for the Sox was David Ortiz. So not only did "someone" see it coming, but that someone said it right on NESN's fucking site.

By June, I'd completely boycotted the Boston sports media. I had meant to do a post about this (along with one about Ortiz' 2010 season), so, here they are wrapped into one. Let me tell you that it's been a world of rainbows and cotton candy not having to ever, and I mean that literally, hear the "big show," Dale, Holley, the morning racists, the entire 98.5 crew which ended up consisting of dudes you already hated from their previous jobs like Tanguay and Felger and CHB and the shit-i-fied Tony Mazz. Or to read the creeps at the Globe. Ha, it even took me a few seconds to think back and remember those names! I mainly just listen to music and a little bit of the FAN. Online, I just read other blogs (by real fans, not Dirt Dogs--that boycott started looong ago, does it even still exist?) and the team's site and not much else. And then I just watch the games, in person or on TV, even ignoring most pre- and post-game action, depending on what's going on. It's fucking great. It's hard when I hear somewhere that Shaughnessey's ruling the team out of contention in August or some shit, but it's so much better to ignore. I mean, sure, part of why I started this blog was to have a voice against all this shitty media. But at this point I can't take it anymore. Hopefully over the last 6 1/2 years I influenced some people to not believe everything they read or hear. If I did, my non-paying job is done. I can't wait for 2011, my first full year without the Red Sox' #1 enemy, the Boston sports media.

(Yes, I know the team chose not to give Papi a long-term contract, just to bring him back for 2011 for now, but, again, all these ass holes were sure there was no possible way he'd ever play in Boston past 2010.)

*The best was when this casual fan near me at Fenway last year asked in a depressed tone if Papi had even hit one home run yet. He had about 8 at the time. Just goes to show you how the media puts something into people's heads and it stays there. It has nothing to do with reality, just perception. And if they're powerful enough to permanently make people think one of the best hitters the Red Sox have ever had is a bum, then think how dangerous they can be in the real world. I mean, Tea Partiers think Obama was born in a spaceship or something. If Rush says any five words more than once, it becomes truth to millions of registered, toothless voters.

The media has its agenda and will push it even if reality is the exact opposite, and fans who should know better by now remain sheep, but ...

Ortiz hit .222/.275/.324 against left-handers in 2010.

That is a pathetic .599. Not quite as bad as Kevin Cash's .545 OPS in his Red Sox career, but it's too close for my liking.

Flo should really DH against RHP only. His 2010 OPS against them was over 1.000. Is $12.5 too steep for a 2/3-time DH? Probably.

But eff it, the Sox can afford it and it is David Ortiz! Sure would be nice to have him bangin' in April, though.

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