Sunday, October 03, 2010

Yanks Lose Division

1 AL East title in the last 4 years, 1 World Series title in the last 9. Nice job, assholes! Let's make that in 1 in 10 in 2010, please.

Was cool to do one last stand-and-clap in the living room. Even though it took four separate stands. It's never un-fun to beat the Yanks. Ever.

Did you see when Posada hit a ground ball and pretended it hit his foot? What a great chance for Don or Remy to say, "Maybe he learned that from Jeter," but neither could muster up the courage. Of course, NESN only had one angle of it, probably because 9 of their 10 cameras are trained on Jeter in the dugout doing nothing.

Okay, more on the 2010 season at some point. Stay tuned.

what a overall fun season it turned out to be - and a great way to go out. it was almost enjoyable to ngaf about the last few games. definitely a whole lot easier on the nerves. and for some reason it still felt like we won something this year.

other than the abnormally high number of maddening losses, this year was great.

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