Monday, October 18, 2010

Unlike Junior Seau, Yanks Didn't Drive Off Cliff

Lee, that is. Texas Lee.

I knew he'd have a great game, I just worried the Yanks might have a late rally off the 'pen. Instead, it was the Rangers who tacked on with late runs for an 8-0 whitewash. (Worst postseason shutout loss in Yankee history!)

Pleeeeeease stick with AJ tomorrow, Joe. Look, whatever you do, it'll be wrong, you'll get criticized, and you'll ride off to Chicago and the Rangers, Phillies, or Giants will be World Champs and that will be a beautiful thing.

As beautiful as a strikeout shown from the blimp.


Take a bow, Jere. That's one of the best blog post titles I've seen in a long while.

And Cliff Lee is a beast and a half.
Thanks--I tried working in the LEEward side of the CLIFF but it would have gotten out of hand...
That was great to see; turned it on just in time to watch all the 9th inning fun. Dumbo Posada is the worst defensive catcher in baseball by far. But I'm still pissed that the MFYs aren't in a 3-0 hole like they should be because of the crappy Texas pen and Ian Kinsler's brain fart. And as much as I'm loving Cliff Lee right now, I'm gonna really hate him next spring when he's wearing pinstripes.
Well not everybody goes to the Yanks--and if he's looking for that "chance to be a winner," well, look, he's winning AGAINST the Yanks in the ALCS so.... but most people just want $. We'll see.

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