Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas Is The Reason That The President's Dead

So sweet that those Texas fans got to see A-Rod strike out to end the ALCS. The Yanks tried to cheat their way to one more victory, but they couldn't do it. I love that Jeter was a no-show for this game too. It's almost as if he was saying, "Am I the only one who realizes we're done here? Let's just end this already, I'm swingin' at the first pitch and I'm outta here." He knew. You can't teach perception like that.

This is weird because in terms of watching the Yanks in the ALCS against a team besides our own--well, they only lost in that situation once before, and it was 1980. Yes, '80, '04, and '10 are their only ALCS losses. So of course we've seen them die prematurely a LOT in the last decade, it just hardly ever comes at this stage.

You know what's awesome? Next April, the Red Sox open the season in Texas. Thousands of Sox fans will be there to watch the raising of the AL Champs (or World Series) banner! What a scene that will be. Rangers fans, I know you'll be cheering loud that day, but we'll be alongside you cheering just as loud. And I do mean we. Because I'll be there! Okay, I might be there. I may be in the area then. Yes, the "Texas" area. More details on that later.

We can now say, for the the first time since 1926, that the Red Sox have won more World Series than the Yankees have in the last ten years.

Nice job, Texas Rangers! Baseball season now officially over. Bring on the snow. I'll have my New York Yankees Not World Champs 2010 shovel ready.

I have the same exact shovel. Boy, last night was sweet. Am I biased? Sure!

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