Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suck It, Fuckers

Thank you whichever Molina you are. Such a key dong to give Texas the lead and finish off AJ. Some nervous moments in the 8th, but again the Rangers pile on and make a close game a blowout.

I love that Teixeira got hurt--my one regret is that it wasn't more painful. Hopefully that shit is out for the rest of the series.

I love that so many Yankee fans douches again left early, flocking to the exits like 2004 was chasing after them.

I love that some asswipe behind the plate was holding up a pathetic, hand-written sign that said "I believe in ghosts." Because of course we're playing on this hallllooooowwwed ground, built two years aggggooooo. And these mysterious ghosts who were born and then died with the last 18 months of course have the power to make the Yankees win baseball games.... I wonder where that fucker was when the score went to 10-3. It's NOT a coincidence that so many assholes and half-wits are Yankee fans. These people have very low self-esteem, and/or were dropped on their heads as children, and look for something to cling to--slap an NY on your head and suddenly you're a "winner."

And it's not just the fans who seem to think the Yanks are still playing in the same place they did in 1923. Announcers nationwide are under the impression that just because the new place it's called "Yankee Stadium," it's the same place! Dennis Eckersley before the game was saying how the Texas pitcher will never forget this moment and bla bla bla. Remy did the same thing earlier this year. Smoltz and co. alluded to it tonight. That place was torn down. I can show you pictures.

Oh, and I love that now when the subject of selling a hit by pitch comes up, the talk turns laughingly to Jeter, now known (despite it being about 15 years late) as a cheater. Too bad they can't take that next step and say, "and to think we used to think of this guy as the one we'd want to use to teach our kids how to play the game the right way."

Anyway, it's 3-1 Texas. One more and they're done.

1. According to Girardi, it would be a "miracle" if Teix comes back at all.

2. To add to the whole "it's his first time pitching in Yankee Stadium" ridiculousness about Tommy Hunter: the guy's been in the Texas rotation for exactly one series at the current Yankee Stadium. Three games, five pitchers, his turn didn't come up. So it kind of makes sense that he never would have pitched there before, it's not some amazing thing.

3. Hahaha...Sager just solemnly said, "I just heard from a Yankee official that barring some kind of miracle, Teixeira won't be back." Well we ALL just heard Girardi say it, Ass Hole!
4. I'm so glad I didn't give up on this game after the Maier Squeakuel bullshit.
Beat CC!
The one thing I was going to mention was how spleen-burstingly funny and gratifying it was to see all the empty seats at the New York Toilet Bowl when the game ended, but I see you beat me to it.

So, y'know... what you said.

But since you vented about this in your previous post, please permit me to add that Maier's Nephews out in the right field stands need to get taken down a peg or two. At the very least, Mr. Vegas-Style-All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet should have been chucked out of the park for trying to steal the outfielder's glove. The slow-mo shows it clearly.
Yeah, I mentioned that drooler in the comments of the previous post. And I'll be mentioning him again....
... flocking to the exits like 2004 was chasing after them.


Now THERE is the ghost that will haunt them for the rest of their lives! BOO!
The fans in this series have been in top form. Some hooligans threw a beer at Cal Ripkin as well.
Really a perfect night: the umps give them another BS Jeffrey Maier HR, and they get blown out anyway. Horseface Teixeira blows out his hammy and is done...couldn't happen to a bigger douche. And, of course, the frontrunning MFY fans leaving in droves in the late innings, even before it got out of hand. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Hamilton had hit a hr right after the MFY fan down the LF line pulled a Bartman on Gardner.

Please finish this up quickly, Texas. The good news is that the MFYs will now need to beat Cliff Lee on the road in order to win the series; the bad news is if they get to that point, they'll have all the momentum. End this now.
Yeah, so I guess today's not gonna be the day. At least make Sabathia throw a lot of pitches Texas so he can't be used in Game 7.

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