Friday, October 01, 2010

Stuff Goin' On At Fenway This Weekend

Click here. Tens of thousands of people singing Happy Birthday to Pesky--nice.

The ability to knock the Yanks down to wild card is only slightly exciting. But remember, they lose the tie-breaker to Tamper, so they need to gain a game on them. In other words, losing a game on night one pretty much finishes them since they're tied right now. Let's do it. I guess. But I think it might be a lil' rainy tonight...

I think knocking the MFYs out of first and forcing them to spend the entire postseason without home field advantage was a very worthy goal, and the only realistic one that the Sox have had for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the stupid-ass Devil Dogs and Twinkies have apparently decided to give the Yanks home-field (as well as a probable World Series spot) for both the ALDS and ALCS by choking tonight against vastly inferior opponents.

It's a shame that Sunday isn't being billed as "Mike Lowell/Tim Wakefield/Jason Varitek Day". Wish they were all getting gold watches; like to see this roster get younger.

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