Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sex And Candy

Once again, had to leave that Yanks game to go to a concert. Felt a little more confident this time, and Texas didn't shit the bed like the night before. So it's 1-1 going into the Cliff Lee game.

As for the concerts, Friday, it was Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie at Mohegan Sun. Was cool to see the legendary Alice, and White Zombie in 1994 in Omaha was probably the most energetic arena show I've ever seen, so it good to see Rob again. Saturday, we went to a reading/music thing in Boston, mainly for Kristin Hersh and Steve Almond. Almond wrote Candy Freak, which I read a few years ago, and he did a great job as emcee, also doing a bit that ripped Toto's "Africa" to shreds, complete with audience sing-along. And Kristin was great as usual, playing a couple of tunes and reading from her new memoir, Rat Girl. I think it's safe to say that Kim and I were the only two people in the world who were at both of these shows.

Alice Cooper:

Kristin Hersh:

Kim (purple coat) waits for Steve Almond's autograph, while I wait for Kristin Hersh's:

"Africa": The rush to cram in the "Serengeti" line is funny, but I have to say: I love the chorus.

Was Hersh the one who did the acoustic cover of Fuck Tha Police?
Okay, let's talk about "Africa." It was pretty background to me in the 80s. But recently I've really started to like the chorus too! I always say, This guy's pretty passionate about whatever the hell he's saying. But this monologue-with-sing-along was hilarious. I assume it's one of Almond's book. I taped a lot of it and might YouTube it--don't know how good the sound is, and they might take it down since the song actually plays in it.

Hersh: sounds like something she'd do but I don't know... she's officially reached the "artist Jere's seen at least 5 times on purpose" status if she wasn't there already.
I could never get into Alice Cooper after I found out that he's a hard-core Republican:
Maybe with all that torture, he could relate. He invented that shit!

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