Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rock's Off

You know, the Red Sox did us a favor by not making the playoffs. Less time watching the 2010 playoffs means less Kid Rock!

Twins-Whores, Game 1, tonight. This has to be the year the Twins finally get over their irrational fear of the Yanks. They've got a new park, and go into a new park, so it's totally different than it's been. Too bad they're missing a big gun, but they do have home-field. So Twins, pretty please, with sugar on top...clean the fuckin' car.

Amen to that. I don't know if I can handle another Twins/Yankees playoff situation with an unhappy ending.

No. Mercy.
Ya. I messed up a little in this post, but ah well...

Also, I'll put this here even though it relates to the prev. post (and you should appreciate this) : When I think of the 2004 ALCS, Leskanic always comes to mind almost immediately. He's almost like my Dave Roberts (though Dave Roberts is also my Dave Roberts). So I'm glad to see he was mentioned in the show last night. It was Simmons who brought him up, though he did it with mockery for some reason, when he should be at near-Roberts levels to Sox fans.
Leskanic's sister is Katrina of Katrina and The Waves.

I give the Twinkies without Morneau about a 1% chance of beating the MFYs. Home field and the new ballpark might help them a little, but I still expect them to crap their pants as usual once they get to the Bronx. Plus, Ron Gardenhire is close to being a Grady Little-level idiot; he'll probably blow at least one game with a really dumb decision.

I think the good news is that blowing the division and losing home field will catch up to the MFYs at some point this October...maybe even in the ALCS.
and, as a follow up to my last comment...can Cliff Lee pitch four times against the MFYs in the ALCS? That might do the trick. Mixed emotions about that Rangers/Devil Dogs Game 1: I really hate the Devil Dogs and their asshole announcers, but they probably were the most likely team to knock off the MFYs.

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