Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reasons New York Is Great, Volume [Insert Plausible Yet Improbable Number Here]

Much like in that Geto Boys song*, Halloween falls on a weekend this year. So that means all the parties/costumed fun is concentrated to Friday through Sunday. I was driving around Manhattan at 2 a.m., and there were people on every corner, all over town, all in costume. And it wasn't even Halloween night. (Though unlike the song, it was close.) Also, 80% of other drivers and everyone inside a cab were also in costume. Exaggeration level is only very slight here.

The reason I was driving around Manhattan is because I'm on my way back from DC, where I went to the Colbert/Stewart rally. It was great. If I were you, I'd bet on me talking more about that soon. I'd also prioritize your wagering ways--college football first half spreads are probably a safer bet than bloggers' content.

MIssed Game 3. But I understand the Yankees still weren't involved. So that's a win.

*At least we are led to believe it did. I'm pretty sure the dude was hallucinating the whole thing. That's what I've always taken from it. Then again, maybe the day of the week of Halloween was factual, just the story surrounding it was a weird dream. Wow, that was the nerdiest review of a hip-hop classic in the history of footnotes.


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