Monday, October 18, 2010

Lean Screen

Look, we're gonna get a widescreen TV eventually, but we're still rockin' the square as of now, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of us left. And some grandmas probably aren't even thinking about making the switch at all. So it would be nice if Fox would make it so We who live in the recent past can actually see the score of their baseball games:

At least we get count and outs--football we get one team's score but no clock, quarter, down, etc.:

Vikings 0, ...

Another reason to hate Fox, even though I'm sure they'd argue it's MY fault. Maybe they could buy us a new TV.

That's appalling. It's so annoying how stuff is made to be thrown away and replaced in a couple years now.
I noticed this oddness on my upstairs square TV, only on FOX, I have an HD set downstairs and there's no problemo. Wait unis you see a baseball game in HD. Every pore, every blade of grass, it's even fun to look at the fans when the pitcher isn't throwing. You'll get one soon enough. Good luck.

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