Thursday, October 07, 2010

GD Twins

Once again, the Twins don't beat the Yankees. Totally shitty. They had it, too.

Classic !@$%@*$ Twins. They're tough until they hit the Yankees in the playoffs, and then they turn into those excrementally stupid white "homer hankies" they used to wave in the Metrodome.
Grady, oops excuse me, Gardenhire must be deaf. After Liriano gave up two hard hits & a walk, I yelled for him to "Get him outta there!" Why is it everybody knows when the opposing team has seen enough of the starting pitcher to figure him out except the pitcher's manager?
Yep, I saw this one coming a mile away. Grady Gardenhire outdid himself last night. Bottom of the first, The Twinkies' leading base stealer on first, no outs, Joe Mauer up next, playing against the best offense in baseball, with a catcher who can't throw anybody out behind the plate. Situation screaming for a stolen base, or at least letting the hitter swing away. So of course Idiot Gardenhire gives away an out by having Hudson lay down a sac bunt. Probably cost them a run right there. And then the TBS announcers start praising Gardenhire and suggesting that's he's the best manager in baseball, when in reality he's probably the worst. I see him doing something as stupid as Grady in the late innings when this series moves to the Bronx.

Yanks in three. Hopefully either Cliff Lee or Doc Halladay can stop them.
And as long as I'm ranting about the Twinkies, Jim Thome swinging at a curveball in the dirt with two outs and the tying run on first in the 7th inning was freaking inexcusable.
and no attempt to run to first. if not the playoffs, when? cause him to throw it.
I think I am the only person in the universe who doesn't think that "trapped ball" catch in the bottom of the ninth wasn't necessarily caught. None of the angles they showed made it look conclusively as though it *couldn't* have barely been caught, then hit the ground, bounce, and end up in the glove. And in cases of doubt, the tie goes to the offense. Everyone is talking about it as though it's some clear-cut umpire error.

And I got to agree with AJM about the 1st. A sac bunt is not productive with 0 outs (or probably ever).
I meant to bring this up! In fact, I will put it in tonight's post.

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