Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Four Days Of Awesomenessitude

Just watched "Four Days in October." Awesome. Great to see a full hour on just the four wins from the 2004 ALCS. There was all kinds of stuff I hadn't seen before. Lots of home video footage, lots of Millar, lots of shots from cameras that hadn't been shown before as far as I know. And John Quinn galore! Quinn was at the Riviera in NYC the night of Game 7 and you could see him at the bar in at least five shots.

I was at the Riv the night before--after that game was that rare time where I literally danced in the street!--and it looked like they showed some shots from that night, but I was in the upstairs room and it seems the cams were always in the downstairs. But I could do some slo-mo at some point.

Anyway, what an incredible time. I'll have to do a longer, uh, retrospective about that someday. I wanna say I "can't believe" the Yanks couldn't hold the lead in those games, and that they couldn't hold a THREE TO NOTHING LEAD in a seven-game series, but I can believe it, because it happened! Thank Gedman it did.

I thought it was tremendous, too. I watched it and DVR-ed it and I'm going to watch it again later today. WOW!
If anyone's looking for Quinn, he's right at the bar in a home white Sox jersey with glasses---and at the end, the glasses come off!
We had a babysitter last night for the first time, so we went out for dinner and I missed the 8pm broadcast. Tried to watch the 11pm replay, but I fell asleep...have to try again Thursday night.

I'm sure we've been over this before, but I was downstairs at the Riv for Game Six. Still remember how I was contorting my body during the Tony Clark at bat trying to will Foulke to strike him out, and how all the tension I felt just melted away when Clark finally swung through that last fastball.

Couldn't get into the Riv for Game Seven, but watched across the street at Kettle of Fish, which also had a great overflow crowd...remember jumping into a big guy's arms in celebration after the final out. That whole block became a big celebration afterward.
It was a truly amazing night on 7th Avenue South after Game 7, AJM. We felt like we had taken over the city. And it was even bigger after the World Series win.

Thanks for the shout-out, Jere. Nice to be part of another great documentary. I was watching it at Thom's when we came on the screen, and the bar applauded each time they saw us.
I'm curios about what you said on your blog, about how the footage the World Series DVD used of the Riv wasn't even from the World Series???

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